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GUNAITO Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Space,Dining Table with Rising Tabletop Lift Top Desk for Living Room Black

GUNAITO Lift Top Coffee Table with Hidden Storage Space,Dining Table with Rising Tabletop Lift Top Desk for Living Room Black

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GUNAITO is dedicated to crafting furniture using premium materials and ensuring that our products are both practical and tailored to meet the needs of our valued customers. We prioritize durability by utilizing EPA-compliant particle board. The tripod guaranteeing exceptional stability. Our lift-top coffee table offers versatility for laptop use, writing, or dining on the couch. Additionally, it features a noise-reducing muffler when closing the desktop. With hidden compartments, this coffee table provides ample room to keep belongings organized and tidy. Elevate your living experience with GUNAITO's superior-quality coffee table, which adds a touch of excitement to an otherwise mundane routine.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 41 reviews
Christo Campbell
Not very strong

The product is not very sturdy and the instructions are very confusing.Unfortunately, I will not be returning the product because I no longer want the hassle of dismantling the table. I wouldn't recommend it.

tej K
Its quality is very cheap. Not remarkable in the living room. Its appeal is weak.

It doesn't look good in the living room. He looks very bad.

Don aidacco
Frustrating experiences and poorly packaged products

The disappointment is evident in the description of my experience with this coffee table. As soon as the package arrived it was clear there was a problem. Packaging: First of all, the foam was badly damaged and looks almost intentional. When I opened the box a puff of Styrofoam came out and made my living room a mess, hard to clean and even left marks in my house. Directions: Whether you believe it or not, there aren't even instructions included on the package. I had to resolve the editing issues myself, which added another layer of frustration to an already irritating situation. Quality of the table: now let's talk about the table itself. A few pieces are missing. The process and quality control are clearly lacking. Overall Experience: Honestly, my worst purchasing experience. I am usually very easygoing, but this situation leaves me with no choice but to return an item. Do I recommend this table? Absolutely not. If you are considering purchasing this item, please think twice. This painting is totally unworthy.

Erica l. larsson
The joy of this table will be the day I throw it out the window

Absolutely the worst assembly. None of the holes lined up and I ended up having to use a power drill to hold the legs in place. I didn't even put the elevator part in for fear it would fall out and break My Fingers. Honestly, I think the real fun of this table will come when I get around and throw it off the balcony five stories up and watch it break into a hundred pieces.

Mike D.
Is not happy

Does not come with screws or hardware instructions.